Review: 2 Rooz Vodka

To call the label of 2 Rooz Vodka cartoonish would be an understatement: It really is a cartoon, and it really does have two kangaroos on it.

The label of this Australian vodka proudly notes that it is “neutral vodka,” and that’s somewhat helpful: This is a flavorful spirit, with vanilla, cinnamon, and some light citrus notes which could conceivably trick you into thinking you’re drinking an infused vodka. (It’s also 90 proof and packs quite a punch, especially because it goes down so smoothly.)

Distilled from grapes (much like fellow Aussie vodka Boomerang), 2 Rooz is a very clean spirit, distilled five times and quite the bargain considering the quality. Yes, you’re missing out on an acid-etched label and a name that hip-hop stars will work into their music, but if you’re looking for an exceptional house brand for both mixing and the occasional straight shot, 2 Rooz is a winner.

A- / $22 /

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