Interstate Wine Shipping Laws Still Totally Busted

Interstate Wine Shipping Laws Still Totally Busted

The Wall Street Journal reminds me how easy I have it here in California: I can order wine or spirits from just about anywhere and have no trouble receiving them here without fear of UPS dumping $100 Cab down the drain. (Believe me, it happens!)

I’ve been under the impression that things have been improving nationally, but that may not entirely be the case. Some states are absolutely absurd:

Kansas and Indiana require residents ordering out-of-state wine to first visit that vineyard and show identification proving they’re of legal drinking age; Kansas requires consumers to make the journey each time they order from the same vintner.

Check out the full story and see if your state is as bass-ackwards as Kansas.

Not happy? Sign the petition to deregulate wine shipping at Free the Grapes!

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