Review: Michelob Pale Ale, Irish Red Ale, and Dunkel Weisse

Review: Michelob Pale Ale, Irish Red Ale, and Dunkel Weisse

When one says “Pale Ale,” Michelob isn’t a brand that immediately springs to mind. Parent Anheuser-Busch is expanding the Michelob brand, making some seasonal beers permanent and national in availability. I got to try three of them over the weekend.

Michelob Pale Ale – This is a fairly traditional Pale Ale style beer, amber in color and heavy on the hops but not nearly as strong as some Pale Ales on the market. Very citrus in tone, the orange flavor masks a bit of wateriness in the finish. It’s a pleasant beer, but it didn’t knock my socks off. Think of it as a starter Pale Ale. B+

Michelob Irish Red Ale – This tastes a lot like Killian’s Red, which made a huge splash in the ’90s and is, as far as I know, still around. I haven’t had it in years, but tasting this Michelob spin on a Red Ale brings the college memories rushing back in. Bittersweet and deep red in color, you don’t see a lot of Irish-style Red Ale on the market, and I’m not sure why. Still, this is pleasant enough, even if comes off a lot like a rather standard Bock style beer, with a minimalistic hop character. B

Michelob Dunkel Weisse – This unfiltered, dark wheat beer is considerably different than your typical mass-produced brew, with a dark, intensely smoky character (though the smoky taste comes off as possibly artificial) and hefty bittersweetness. Whereas wheat beers (even dark ones) are often considered “refreshing,” this Dunkel Weisse is complicated and tricky. It’s not easy-drinking, but it’s a curious beer that anyone who’s interested in this style ought to try at least once. B

Considering these are priced about the same as mass-market Budweiser or any other big domestic brew, they’re all worth a try based on affordability alone.

each about $6 per six-pack /

Michelob Pale Ale




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