Review: Hiro Thermo Tahitian Noni Energy Drink

Review: Hiro Thermo Tahitian Noni Energy Drink

Noni fruit is big in Tahiti. If you buy the claims, it gives you energy, boosts the immune system, has tons of antioxidants, and burns calories when you drink the juice from it.

The problem is that Noni juice, on its own, is tough to stomach. I guess Tahitians love the stuff, but choking down more than an ounce at a time was pretty futile at Drinkhacker HQ. The brownish-red liquid has an extremely sour flavor and very strong smell which is rarely compared to anything living. You can mix it (in tiny quantities) with other juices, but that’s a lot of effort for questionable results.

Enter Hiro Thermo, a Noni-based energy drink in those familiar 250ml bullet cans. Thermo is filled with tons of stuff aside from Noni, including ginger, green tea, cacao, guarana, and prickly pear extract, plus calcium, vitamin C, and caffeine. It’s carbonated and sweetened with sucralose, but it’s not cloying. It’s one of the better energy drinks I’ve had. Maybe Noni juice and sucralose cancel out each other’s awful qualities… the result is tart and strong, but easily drinkable. Whether I’m actually burning calories while sitting here on the couch and drinking it, well, that remains a mystery. (It only has 10 calories anyway.)

Hiro exists in three other varieties (including Vitality, Energy, and Mobility, which is designed for those with joint trouble). I haven’t tried the others, but based on the strength of Thermo, I’d give ’em a try if I stumbled across them… at least at less ridiculous prices ($3.62 a can!) than it costs if you buy direct from the company.

B+ / $87 for case of 24 250ml cans) 

Hiro Thermo Tahitian Noni Energy Drink




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  1. Darcel leonard on August 10, 2020 at 4:10 pm

    How long can u keep on the shelf I’ve had mine for about 5 years

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