Democrat vs. Republican: Who’s the Better Drinker?

Democrat vs. Republican: Who’s the Better Drinker?

Beam Global sent this curious (and a little bizarre) press release today about the politics of drinking.

Based on a survey of 100 Washington, D.C. area bartenders about the political preference and drinking habits of their patrons, Beam attempted to find out how drinking differs between the parties: “Democrats are seen as better tippers, have better pick-up lines and give better toasts. Republicans heavily outweigh Democrats when it comes to ordering their drink straight up. Parties are at a stalemate over drinking hours, with Republicans edging out for the first to arrive at happy hour and Democrats being the last to go home.”

The full survey results are as follows:

— Who is a better tipper? Democrats 60%, Republicans 38%

— Who is more likely to order a drink straight up? Democrats 14%, Republicans 82%

— Who is more likely to order a fruity (pink) drink? Democrats 58%, Republicans 34%

— Who has the better pick-up lines? Democrats 74%, Republicans 14%

— Who is better at giving a toast? Democrats 63%, Republicans 36%

— Who is more likely to arrive first to happy hour? Democrats 48%, Republicans 50%

— Who is more likely to be the last to go home? Democrats 53%, Republicans 46%

Figures do not total 100% because this is a study done in bar.

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