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Review: Glayva Liqueur


Hardly a household name, Glayva’s another spin on sweetened-Scotch-as-liqueur, much like Drambuie.

Sorry, did I say “sweetened?” The 70-proof Glayva is damn sweet. Dripping with honey, cloves, and cinnamon, you could put this on French toast if you wanted. It’s quite overpowering on its own when served on the rocks, even as the ice starts to melt and water it down.

I tried it with some of Glayva’s recommended recipes (including an unexpected Glayva and cranberry juice) and, wouldn’t you know it, it’s still too sweet.

Try it if you’re an aficionado of this curious segment of liqueurs, but use sparingly.

C- / $40 / glayva.com

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Christopher Null

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  1. Jan Kok February 10, 2012

    Tot heden hebben we Glayva likeur steeds op luchthavens gekocht; zijn er ook verkooppunten in Nederland in de omgeving van Hilversum?


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