Syrah Outselling Chardonnay?

Syrah Outselling Chardonnay? put out a curious press release, saying that at its website Syrah is now outselling Chardonnay, for the first time ever. Syrah sales grew 47% during the first half of the year, earning it the #2 varietal spot behind Cabernet Sauvignon (so Syrah is now outselling just about everything, really). Nationally, though, those numbers may not measure up to what is seeing. From its press release:

“What you’d typically see in national wine consumption statistics that rely largely on supermarket scanner data, place Syrah/Shiraz at 3% and Chardonnay at 23%,” said Michael Osborn, Founder and VP of Merchandising. “ consumers buy wines you’ll find at fine restaurants, and in that world Syrah purchasing ranks at 11% and is growing in popularity.”

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