Review: Leblon Cachaça

Review: Leblon Cachaça

Leblon was the first cachaça I ever tried and it remains a perfectly acceptable introduction to the beauty of the spirit. The company was kind enough to send a fresh bottle, and it remains as charming a cachaça as ever.

You won’t miss that gigantic green bottle on the shelf (it barely fits in my liquor cabinet), and opening it up reveals fresh aromas of sugar and lime. There’s the slightest tinge of cachaça’s trademark rubber flavor in the mid-palate, but it’s surprisingly not offensive. If you’re looking for textbook cachaça, Leblon is as close as I’ve come to finding something that exhibits the highlights and the curiosities about this intriguing sugar cane spirit.

Leblon is, of course, best in a caipirinha (and its variations) but is palatable straight: You’re a fool not to mix it with sugar (one recipe on the Leblon website calls for a whopping six sugar cubes (Crescent City Green Dawn)), but here at Drinkhacker, you’ll find that we rarely judge you for your drink.

80 proof.


Leblon Cachaça




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  1. Edoc on April 19, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    Just tried Leblon for the first time yesterday. One the best cachacas I’ve tried. I’m glad this is somewhat available on store shelves, because it’s worthy of purchase.

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