Now We’re Mixing With… Mustard?

Now We’re Mixing With… Mustard?

Proof that you can turn just about any ingredient into a cocktail: The folks at Grey Poupon (yes, that Grey Poupon) have come up with a quintet of mustard-based cocktails.

While Monday morning may be a little too early for a concoction of honey mustard, pomegranate juice, and gin, maybe when I get really adventurous I’ll have to give one of these a try. Perhaps most intriguing is the idea of drinking coarse-ground mustard in a cocktail. To wit:

Tequila Maria
1 teaspoon Grey Poupon Harvest Coarse Ground Mustard
¾ cup (6 oz.) tomato juice
¾ cup (6 oz.) beer
2 tablespoons tequila
1 teaspoon lime juice
1 Claussen Kosher Dill Pickle Spear

Mix all ingredients except pickle. Serve over ice. Garnish with pickle.

Drink while watching this…

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  1. Christopher Null on August 8, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    Grey Poupon sent them to me… I’ll forward them to your email address.

  2. Anonymous on August 8, 2008 at 12:46 pm

    where did you find this recipe????????? I read an article about the “mustard” recipes and haven’t been able to find them. even contacted Kraft foods who don’t have the recipes

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