Review: Spiegelau Beer Classics Glassware

Obviously most consumers don’t really give much thought toward presentation. I mean, if people cared how their drinks looked, the Solo Cup Company would be out of business.

Crystal maker Spiegelau bucks the trend with a collection of “Beer Classics” crystal glassware. Three new glasses are available, a lager glass, a stemmed pilsner glass, and a giant-sized wheat beer glass. The glasses are all authentic crystal, quite light, and easy to hold without slippage. It’s a big surprise when you’re used to thick, industrial-strength pint glasses. Design-wise, the glasses are all top notch and very eye-catching, especiall the pilsner glass (pictured below), with its elegant tulip shape and short but sturdy stem.

All the glasses are dishwasher safe, but fitting the 9 1/3-inch wheat beer glass into my dishwasher was a real challenge.

At about the cost of a good 12-pack, these glasses aren’t going to be on everyone’s shelf, but you should definitely pick up at least one tube (they’re sold in pairs in cylindrical cardboard tubes) for those times when you bring home something special and sipping it straight from the bottle just won’t do.

A / $30 (set of two) /

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