Review: Cruzan Guava Rum

Pity the guava. No one really understands this tropical staple (go to Hawaii and you’ll be inundated with it), but it’s really quite good. A lot like a passion fruit, really, but with a decidedly unsexy name.

Despite the lack of erotic appeal in the phrase “guava rum,” when you’re on your 12th flavored rum (following banana, black cherry, mango, and even rum cream) you too might find yourself digging deep into the playbook to find something unique to put into your spirit. That’s exactly what Cruzan has done here, offering what seems to be the only guava-flavored rum in the world.

As flavored rums go, this one’s a winner. Start with straight rum on the rocks and it tastes exactly like it should: A light rum spiked with sweet guava juice. I wanted to make some of the cocktails Cruzan recommends but sadly I’m low on mango and apricot juice this week. Ultimately, I found it works great in many drinks you’d normally use standard white rum in: I was a skeptic, but guava rum and Coke was really refreshing and, in my mind, much better than a standard rum and Coke.

Only complaint: At a mere 55 proof, Cruzan Guava Rum is a little on the weak side. That’s of course one reason why it’s so easy to drink, but let’s not forget our rummy heritage, OK?

A- / $15 /

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5 Responses

  1. Josh June 1, 2009 / 12:37 pm

    This stuff tastes great and has a great price. Was a big hit at a recent party I had. I made guava drops, which is just some of the rum, equal parts lemon and lime juice (more or less depending on how much pucker you want) and then a splash of OJ. First had one at Vault Martini Bar here in Portland, OR:

  2. ZJ September 13, 2009 / 5:43 pm

    It tastes melon-y to me.I keep a liter of Cruzan Black Cherry in the freezer and have some small 50 ml bottles of Guava as well.Their flavored rums have much stronger aromas than others IMHO.I dont know about bigger bottles but when Guava debuted everyone had promotional 50ml for as low as [email protected]!

  3. MSingh May 13, 2010 / 12:23 pm

    Guava Rum + Club Soda + Squeeze of Lime = Yummy!

  4. Beth October 27, 2011 / 4:21 pm

    We make Ruby’s with these – guava rum and ruby red grapefruit juice….the PERFECT summer drink.

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