I Want My 16 Ounces!

I Want My 16 Ounces!

Interesting story in this weekend’s Wall Street Journal: To boost profits, some bars are turning to 14 oz. pours instead of 16 oz. when a customer orders a “pint” of beer. Numerous tricks are being employed. Some are at least somewhat justified, like including some amount of foamy head on a beer. Some are clearly not, like using pint-size glasses that have extra-thick bottoms to cut a few ounces out of each pour.

Fascinating stuff, and it makes me wonder if I should be taking a measuring cup to my local watering hole.

Read the full story here (at least until the WSJ makes it no longer free).

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  1. Troy Truchon on August 10, 2010 at 6:04 pm

    Isn’t this sort of thing monitored by Weights and Measures? if not, why not?

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