Review: Jetset Energy Mixers

Jetset advertisements have been pummeling the magazine world of late. How do they stack up? I recently tried all five versions.

Jetset Energy Original is your standard, skinny-can energy concoction, a guarana-ginseng-taurine-caffeine soda with a lemon-lime kick. It’s better than Red Bull, and better than most energy drinks out there. It’s a pretty clean drink, with very little aftertaste. The flavor, as with many of these drinks, is hard to place. More lemon than lime, with other citrus and some berry flavors in the mix. Not bad at all, really. A-

Jetset Energy Diet Original is a sucralose-sweetened version of the Original soda, which gives it 4 calories instead of 105. The taste is very similar, just a bit chalkier. I prefer the original version but diet drink fans will find this one just fine. B+

In an interesting twist, Jetset also offers guarana-ginseng-taurine-caffeine infused versions of the three standard cocktail mixers…

Jetset Energy Ginger Ale is, you guessed it, a pumped-up version of ginger ale as we know it. This one’s not a hit: It’s far too sweet for a ginger ale and you can barely get any ginger flavor at all. It’s not much different than the Original Jetset but it just doesn’t achieve what it’s trying to set out to be. B-

Jetset Energy Tonic is a rousing success. Take a standard bottle of tonic and blend in a little sweetness and you’ve got Jetset’s rendition. This one works well, as the tonic-ness is very prevalent, but the slight kick of sugar and herbs like ginseng give it a little spin. Goes great with gin. A-

Jetset Energy Club Soda is barely noticeable as anything different than standard club soda. With zero calories, it’s largely just carbonated water plus the aforementioned kickers. I could barely discern anything different about this one, just a little bitterness, which is good and bad: At $2 a can it might cost too much for your average Scotch & soda tipple, but if you need a little pick-me-up with your liquor, it’s just fine. B+

each $8 for four 10.5-oz. cans

Jetset Energy Original




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  1. dotw on June 5, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    Not bad A-/B+ better than most of the energy drinks we saw in Vegas. Glad that JetSet is getting noticed.

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