Review: August Schell Lakemaid Beer

Review: August Schell Lakemaid Beer

Mention fish near my beverage and I get a little skittish: Nothing can spoil your tipple faster than the pervasive stench of fish. Yet, for Lakemaid, August Schell teams up with fishing titan Rapala to cook up a brew with the fisherman in mind. I can attest that not a single bass has come near this beer in the brewing process. Whew!

Lakemaid is part gimmick (one of 12 different bikini-clad mermaids (er, lakemaids) adorns each label) and part solid beer. It’s a lager with, as the company says, “the flavor of lake country.” By that, I am assuming it means a beer with apple and citrus notes, moderately creamy but otherwise quite refreshing… because that’s how it tastes. I’d have no trouble throwing six of these into a cooler for a day on the lake. (Or rather, by the lake: Drinking while boating is officially not condoned.)

Surprisingly, the beer may indeed work even better for fishermen: The babes on the labels should give them something to talk about while they’re just sitting there, waiting for the fish to bite. (And when you’re done ogling the ladies, check out the underside of the bottle cap for another diversion. Biggest fish wins!)

4.5% abv.

A- / $13 per 12-pack /

August Schell Lakemaid Beer




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