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Review: 2005 Barossa Valley Estate E Minor Chardonnay and Shiraz

Created from grapes grown throughout Australia’s Barossa Valley, Barossa Valley Estate’s E Minor bottlings are real mutts of a wine, the product of labors of some 60 growers. Can a wine created from grapes from dozens of vineyards be any good? Let’s find out.

2005 Barossa Valley Estate E Minor Chardonnay is a new world Chardonnay, through and through. Not very challenging here, to be honest, just a white full of apple and peach fruit, lightly golden and only moderately oaky. There’s a mustiness in the finish that mars an otherwise just-fine experience, but give it a half hour in the glass and it fades, leaving a clean but uncomplicated Chardonnay core. B-

2005 Barossa Valley Estate E Minor Shiraz is actually a little better, surprisingly. The blend here is supple and filled with cherry notes. Some chocolate in there, but it’s all very light on the whole. Anyone expecting a big and tough, spicy Shiraz will be disappointed, but those looking for something pleasant and uncomplicated as an aperitif or even with a light meal will enjoy this one a lot. B+

both $13

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2005 Barossa Valley Estate E Minor Chardonnay



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