Papa, Where Does Rosé Come From?

Papa, Where Does Rosé Come From?

I had to laugh at a press release sent today from Hardys, the “no. 1 wine brand” in the UK, which stated that although wine is the “drink of choice” for 2/3 of British drinkers, almost a quarter of them thought that rosé was made from mixing red and white wine together.

I probably shouldn’t giggle. There was once a time when I didn’t know where rosé came from. (The truth: All grape juice is white at the start. Color comes from contact with the grape skins. Rosé is made from red grapes which are given only a brief contact with the skins — a few days — giving it a pinkish hue.)

Equally fun: “The research also suggests that traditional wine terminology is baffling consumers, with 1 in 8 thinking that a sommelier is a French perfumer and 10 per cent of people believing it’s a female pig farmer.”


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