Review: Stevens Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat Beer

Review: Stevens Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat Beer

What’s better than a beer on a hot day? A beer at a nude beach, that’s what.

Stevens Point’s latest seasonal release won’t get you to the beach proper, but it’ll get you close: Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat craft brew isn’t just a surprisingly refreshing beer, it’s also got a drawing of nekkid people on the label. (Well, pretend naked. This is really good, clean, wholesome fun in the end.)

The beer is very crisp and light, lacking the creaminess and sometimes-harsh acidity of many wheat beers, and that’s not a bad thing in my mind. Nude Beach, in my mind, was closer to a light lager than any Hefeweizen I’ve ever drunk. And yet, unlike a typical Mexican lager, this beer needs no doctoring and is wonderful straight out of the bottle.

Gobble up a six-pack if you can find it. Lord knows the weather is hot enough for it already.

5% abv.

A / $NA /

Stevens Point Nude Beach Summer Wheat Beer




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