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Review: Tenoch Tequila Reposado


As far as I can tell, Tenoch makes only one type of tequila, this reposado bottling that’s lightly golden, aged in oak, and bottled in a stoneware jug designed to look like an agave plant is enveloping it.

Tasty stuff, it’s lightly peppery and sweet like caramel, with herbal notes dancing around your mouth. For sipping tequilas, it’s just about perfect, creamy and lush, filling your mouth wonderfully.

The downside is the price. At $42 a bottle (or urn?) you won’t be making margaritas out of the stuff, and I woefully regret spilling half a shot on myself. Not just for the wasted money, I mean, but for the wasted tequila, too.

Highly recommended.

A / $42 / gviimports.com

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