Review: Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey

Jameson isn’t the only name in Irish. With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, let’s share the love with Bushmills, the other major name in Irish whiskey, which is celebrating its 400th anniversary this year.

Bushmills Original has a very typical Irish flavor: The honey of Scotch and but without the smoke, tempered by the vanilla and oak of Bourbon. Served neat, Bushmills can be a bit harsh. It’s best when served as Bushmills itself suggests: A touch of water or on the rocks. The water smooths the drink out completely, making it go down without complaint. Not a lot of complexity, but perfect for a weeknight aperitif.

I haven’t tried Bushmills’ other bottlings, but will plan to get a review of the popular Black Bush up before St. Patty’s.

B+ / $19 /

bushmills original

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  1. Josh October 13, 2013 / 12:57 pm

    I’m more of a rum guy but I do like some whiskey and this is a good one for a good price. I tend to like more sweet and less smokey whiskeys so this one was a nice touch. This has a strong carmel honey smell when you open the bottle. I know its sac-religious to mix irish whiskey or scotch but add a little fresh lime juice or lemon juice to this to give it a little sweet n sour taste it also helps mute the burn. Overall I would give it a low A- but thats more of a personal rating.

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