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Review: Café Bohême Coffee Creme Liqueur

cafe boheme

Inspired, so they say, by the cafe scene of 1920s Paris (it says so write on the bottle: “1920’s Paris”), the folks behind Alizé bring us this curious liqueur, a blend, again so they say, of coffee, vodka, cream, and vanilla. Sounds like four great tastes that go great together!

Café Bohême muscles into a market that used to be owned exclusively by Kahlua but which is now crowded with numerous coffee-flavored alternatives. (I’ve written before that I like the Starbucks branded liqueur the best of those I’ve tasted.)

But Café Bohême is a little different than most: The cream mellows out the coffee considerably to the point where it’s barely the focus of the drink. The vanilla is understated, too, leaving you with a smooth, lightly sweetened drink that’s easy to sip. In fact, one could say it’s almost watery.

Café Bohême is fine when consumed straight (chilled) or on the rocks, but it’s considerably better with a shot of vodka added to it to give it some kick. At 32 proof, it’s about on par with most bottles of wine. A shot gives you something a little stiffer (both Starbucks and Kahlua are 40 proof). I enjoyed the drink even more with a raspberry-flavored vodka, which gives it a nice chocolate cheesecake tone.

Nice little drink, though it’s likely to be the most expensive coffee-flavored liqueur on the shelf, which might make it a hard sell for many.

32 proof.

B+ / $22 / cafeboheme.com

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Café Bohême Coffee Creme Liqueur



Christopher Null

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  1. Anonymous March 3, 2011

    Where can I purchase in Middle River, Md 21220. Seems to be missing from liquor
    stores. sue ellis

  2. ramesh November 10, 2019

    its available in mutts liquor at 4541 indian head hwy, indian head, md 20640


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