Review: Weaver’s Coffee “The Blend”

Review: Weaver’s Coffee “The Blend”

weaver’s the blend

We haven’t reviewed coffee on this blog yet, but a pack of Weaver’s beans showed up out of the blue… we had to try them once we opened the bag!

John Weaver is a former master roaster for Peet’s Coffee, a San Francisco institution and the only real competitor to Starbucks in these parts. He’s on his own now, buying and roasting his own beans under his own label.

I tried Weaver’s “The Blend,” and it’s a real treat. Though I’m not the obsessive coffee drinker than many of you surely are, I found The Blend to make one of the best home-brewed cups of coffee I’d ever encountered. Rich without being bitter and acidic, it’s a heady brew that literally filled the house with chocolaty and woody aroma when we ground the beans. I take coffee with a touch of sugar, which balanced things perfectly. The dense nuttiness was just right with a little sweetness on top of it.

Weaver’s is available online at the website below. Give it a try, coffee fans, and let me know what you think. As for me, I know what’s going to be the start of my Irish Coffee henceforth.

A / $15 per pound /

Weaver's Coffee "The Blend"




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