Review: Peak Organic Beer

Organic beer: OK, I’m in!

Peak Organic brews three beers out of its Portland, Maine headquarters, using organic barley and hops and, of course, 100% organic water. Can you taste the difference? Well, depends on what you compare it to.

I tried all three of Peak’s beers. Here are some comments.

Amber Ale – This is a very clean and traditional amber ale, probably my favorite of the three thanks to its nice balance and toasted notes, plus a sweetness that makes it really easy to drink. This is a nice beer on its own or with food. A-

Nut Brown Ale – More bitter and less smooth than the Amber. The Chocolate Malt doesn’t work as well as it should here, but it’s still plenty drinkable. Frankly it tastes a lot like the Amber. B+

Pale Ale – Imagine someone trying to knock off Bass and you’ve got this brew. Tastes like an IPA, with a strong orange flavor in it. Good. B+

Overall there’s not a whole lot of distinction among these three brews. I’d love to see a broader range of beers from Peak rather than just spins on ale preparations. Still, you won’t be disappointed with any of these beers. They’re all worth drinking and, hey, they’re organic, so they must be good for you, right?

Oh, and Peak: The cheesy customer-submitted pictures on the labels have got to go.

$8 to $9 per six-pack /

peak amber ale

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