Review: 267 Infusions Vodka Cranberry

Review: 267 Infusions Vodka Cranberry

267 vodka cranberry

Maybe you’ve seen these guys at liquor stores: Squished, stretched-out bottles with fruit floating inside. You can’t help but pick one of 267 Infusions’ eight flavored spirits up. Though 267 will tell you it’s infused, not flavored.

I’ve tried three of 267’s vodka-based spirits, orange and lemon infusions, and now Vodka Cranberry. Some thoughts on the lattermost follow.

First, it’s more medicinal in taste than I had hoped (and more so than the lemon and orange), likely having much to do with the copious amount of cranberries infusing the bottle. That’s a bit of a bummer, but it’s not a total loss. While I wasn’t a fan drinking this concoction straight up (chilled), it was far better in a Cosmopolitan, subbing in for vodka, or at least for part of it.

One major caveat on 267’s line: These are not 80-proof spirits but are bottled at just 42 proof, barely half that of a standard vodka. If you mix with them, you’ll notice the drink is decidedly weak: Try subbing in for half the regular vodka in whatever drink you’re making.

At $21 (and up) these concoctions aren’t cheap, and they have to be refrigerated after opening. Sadly, the bottles don’t look nearly as cool when they’re inside your Frigidaire.

42 proof.

B- / $21

267 Infusions Vodka Cranberry




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  1. J M E on April 14, 2009 at 9:04 am

    A very attractive bottle with visible contents. I had a brief inroduction to an 80% proof cranberry vodka while working out in Ukraine for 2 years, and was so impressed, we decided to market it!

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