Recipe: The Ghetto Mai Tai

Recipe: The Ghetto Mai Tai

ghetto mai tai

OK, let’s say you want to make something vaguely tropical, but you don’t have any tropical juices, coconut cream, or little umbrellas. Here’s a quick and dirty way to get a little tropical flavor into a glass with stuff you have on the shelf.

The Ghetto Mai Tai
1 oz. white rum
1 oz. dark rum (or spiced rum)
splash Malibu (if you have it)
ginger ale

Build over a Collins glass filled with ice. Add rums, then fill with ginger ale. Garnish with whatever’s handy.

I tossed some marinated pineapple in for my garnish (you can sort-of see them at the bottom of the glass). You can use maraschino cherries, an orange wedge, lemon, lime, or any other fruit, to be honest. Maybe drop in a dash of grenadine for color. Sub in Soho lychee, Chambord, Alize, or Maraschino liqueur for the Malibu, if you like. Knock yourself out. No, it won’t get you to Hawaii, but at least it’ll get you to Haiti.

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