Original Recipe: The Violet Blue

Original Recipe: The Violet Blue

violet blue

Recently I read that the blueberry was the healthiest of all fruits. Number one, baby! So I immediately set my mind to thinking about cocktails to take advantage of the humble berry of blue. It’s harder than you’d think; blueberry doesn’t play well with others. Eventually I hit on it. Here’s my concoction, and darned if it isn’t a smooth, sweet sensation.

The Violet Blue
2 oz. blueberry vodka (such as Stoli Blueberi)
1/2 oz. Soho lychee liqueur
1/4 oz. Parfait Amour (Marie Brizard makes a fine one)

Shake with lots of ice in a cocktail shaker and strain into a cocktail glass. Garnish with a fresh blueberry.

The trick is not to totally overpower the blueberry with the lychee, so feel free to tone down the Soho to taste. Did I mention it’s got blueberry in it (however minimal)? That means it’s healthy, people! Healthy! Plus, the lightly violet, shimmering look to the cocktail (courtesy of the inimitable Parfait Amour) makes it look way more sophisticated than, say, a Cosmo. Check the picture if you don’t believe me.

Note, the Stoli people had their own little contest to come up with a good use for their vodka. Some of the submitted recipes are quite intriguing (my favorite: Put 4 cups ice in blender. Add whole bottle of Stoli Blueberi. Blend until slushy. Serves one…). Check out the winners here.

About the name: Violet Blue is a local writer and “sex educator” here in San Francisco. I stole her moniker for the drink primarily because of the applicability of the two colors to it… but as with Ms. Blue, and as with all my concoctions, this is also strictly for the over 21 set.

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