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Review: Mini Chill and iChill “Relaxation Shots”

Energy is for sissies. The future is all about the chillax. Little two-ounce plastic shots filled with caffeine, taurine, and other ‘ines are all the rage, but the newer phenomenon is shots designed not to pump you up but to … Continue reading

Review: Dream Dust Sleep Aid

Following on the heels of a variety of “relaxation shots” comes Dream Dust, which is not dust but rather a liquid in the familiar plastic “shot” bottle, designed to help get you to sleep. (Motto: “Better Sleep, Better Health, Better … Continue reading

Review: Tranquila Relaxation Shots

Tranquila isn’t the first “relaxation” shot on the market, but it is, to my knowledge, the first one without the word “chill” in the name. The format is familiar: Little plastic vial holding 2 fluid ounces of super-sweet liquid. Tranquila … Continue reading