Review: Tecate Michelada

tecate michelada 122x300 Review: Tecate MicheladaThe Michelada is one of those drinks with a million variations (The New York Times has a lengthy discussion about it here), but the essence of it is beer and spice — and often tomato juice.

Tecate has now released a pre-mixed Michelada, the first of its kind in the U.S. This one is of the non-tomato juice variety. It is a relatively simple blend of Tecate beer, natural lime flavor, and spices.

Sounds like a winning plan, and you’re pretty much getting what you expect here. The lime flavor is understated and not overly chemical, the spices adding a gentle saltiness and very mild heat to the beverage. This is hardly a “big” concoction, and those who like their Micheladas spiced up (or packed with any real flavor) will probably prefer to make them from scratch.

Basically, there’s not a lot to this drink, but there’s not a lot to a can of Tecate, either, is there? Fairly harmless in the way most Mexican beer, Michelada or not, tends to be.

B- / about $2 per 16 oz. can /

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2 Responses to Review: Tecate Michelada

  1. That actually doesn’t sound too bad. I actually like the Budweiser (tomato-based) Cheladas, so this would be another decent option for when the mood strikes.

  2. I like Budweiser’s Chelada. I like regular Tecate. I absolutely hate Tecate’s Michelada. It tastes tinny and boring, I tried to like it, it was better with salt but still a no. I poured it out. I had high hopes. Waste of money.

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