Bourbon Infographic from Wild Turkey

Fun stuff from our pals in Kentucky in honor of September, which is Bourbon Heritage Month. Click for the full-size version.

Wild Turkey

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5 Responses to Bourbon Infographic from Wild Turkey

  1. Citation for more bourbon barrels than people (page 7):

  2. Did you read the thing before you posted it? It’s full of mistakes. Unworthy of DrinkHacker and Wild Turkey. Very sad.

  3. Cowdery – I didn’t see any glaring errors. What are the mistakes?

  4. For one thing Bourbon County has been a wet county since 1992.

  5. Oops, wrong Bourbon County (the other is in Kansas), but both are presently wet. It’s just that no one has made whiskey in Bourbon County, Kentucky for a long time.

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