Top 10 Best Scotch Whisky Names

Just some fun for Friday…

Say these 10 out loud — if you can — and see if you agree with me.

10. Daftmill
9. Dufftown
8. Knockando
7. Pittyvaich
6. Knockdhu
5. Sheep Dip
4. Laphroaig
3. Hankey Bannister
2. Auchentoshan
1. Bunnahabhain

What’s your favorite whisky to order — strictly from a phonetic standpoint — at your local watering hole?

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4 Responses to Top 10 Best Scotch Whisky Names

  1. Bunnahabhain -> Bunny Hoppin’

  2. bruichladdich!

  3. Te Bheag – Everyone thinks it looks like Tea Bag

  4. Te Bheag was on my short list. I cut it because you never see it in the real world. Bad decision.

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