Review: 2009 Bex Riesling Mosel

An easy Riesling, with fresh honey, green grape, and hints of melon. While it’s a touch sweet, it is still light enough to be meal-friendly, though it could use more acidity to help smooth out the finish. For the price, this is an amazing wine, and something certainly worth picking up in a pinch when you need something to go with Chinese takeout.

A- / $9 /

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5 Responses to Review: 2009 Bex Riesling Mosel

  1. I like this one too! I found it a few months back…

  2. Where can i found this wine
    Bex Riesling 08
    I had it on a cruise ship
    it was very nice
    Thank You
    Jean Lovell


    drinkhacker, are you setup with some sort of referral with or someplace?

  4. Eric – No, not presently. Perhaps we should get on that… however, most of our readership is spirits-focused and I haven’t found a spirits affiliate program to date. If anyone knows of one, let me know!

  5. Eric – You’ll find a link in the right-hand sidebar now. Hope it is helpful!

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