Review: I Spirit Italian Vodka

Italy and vodka: Two names that, well, I’ve never heard together before. I Spirit bills itself as “the original Italian vodka,” and I’m hard-pressed to argue with that self-assessment. The distillation base includes both grape and grain components, distilled five times in both copper and column stills, then blended with water from the Dolomites to 80 proof.

Results: Despite a harsh, medicinal nose, I Spirit is quite pleasant on the palate. Those medicine aromas are minimized on the tongue,and what’s behind is a mix of earthy, grain-driven character plus some sweetness, presumably a by-product of the white wine component which is distilled down to make the vodka. Secondary characteristics includes a hint of lemon and citrus peel, but on the whole it settles down with a short and surprisingly neutral finish. Works in a martini, no problems.

B+ / $40 /

i spirit vodka Review: I Spirit Italian Vodka

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3 Responses to Review: I Spirit Italian Vodka

  1. Sigh, vodka. Why would you buy this when there is grappa? Or any other multiple of spirits out there with actual flavor?

  2. Well in my opinion, most grappa sold in the states is awful and tastes like diesel. I do agree that ultra premium vodkas are generally a waste of money, given the alternatives.

  3. You can get decent grappa through online distributors, and it generally isn’t cheap, but yeah, buyer beware.

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