Review: Three New Argentina Malbecs

Don’t cry for me, Argentina: These wines are all made using sustainable practices and will be on shelves just in time for both World Malbec Day (4/17) and Earth Day (4/20). Drink up!

2010 Bodini Malbec Mendoza – 2010? For real. This screwcap wine offers minimal character, a somewhat watery wine that smells of simple plum and tastes of little more. Not very interesting, but fairly harmless. C+ / $13

2008 Lunta Malbec Mendoza – My favorite of the bunch, a rich and vibrant Malbec with cherry, licorice, and cedar notes. Balanced and easy drinking, but complex and full of body. A- / $20

2008 Susana Balbo Signature Malbec Mendoza – Dusty and dense, this is a big wine that could stand a few years in the cellar. Hugely spicy and powerful, Susana Balbo has massive notes of plum, tobacco, and a jammy, slightly sweet finish. Give it time in the glass or decant and it will show its stuff. A- / $25

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