Homebrew For You: 300 Kits to Give Away

Ever want to make your own beer but didn’t know how to get started? Smithwick’s, for its 300th anniversary, is giving away 300 home brew kits — you really just need to provide the bottles. I’ve got one still sadly lingering in my garage (vote in the comments on what kind of beer I should brew) but am looking forward to getting Drinkhacker’s first beer going soon.

Check out the contest page on Facebook here! (Warning: limited state eligibility.)

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4 Responses to Homebrew For You: 300 Kits to Give Away

  1. Sadly, doesn’t appear to be available to California residents. Bummer.

  2. Imperial IPA ala the 90!

  3. A bacon-infused porter!

  4. Munich Dunkel

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