Review: Vesica Vodka

Math time.

.75 liters + 1 liter = what?

1.75 liters, that’s right.

And here’s the gimmick with Vesica Vodka: Take the .75 liter bottle and the 1 liter bottle of the vodka and put them together and you get the 1.75 liter bottle — not just in volume, but in bottle shape, too. How do I know this? I’m sitting in front of 3.5 liters of the stuff that Vesica sent me and am doing the geometry/math/whatever for myself. The crescent .75 liter plus the round 1 liter = the goggle-shaped 1.75 (see the photo below to get a sense of it). It’s insane, people.

Vesica’s odd bottle shapes aside, this Polish spirit is triple distilled from potatoes and bottled at 80 proof — no matter what shape you’re talking about.

It’s not bad at all. Clean and simple, Vesica offers traditional aromas and body, quite medicinal in the mid-palate but overall pleasing and easy. The finish has bite, but also some sweetness. The balance is about right, provided you like a big, hearty spirit. Ten bucks gets you in the door with the little bottle.

B+ / $10 /

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  1. Frederic October 7, 2010 / 4:55 pm

    We just received this as well. And it doubled our bar’s vodka volume. Mixes well, not a sipper. A little stingy (not due to proof) when tried at room temperature but no off flavors or aftertaste.

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