Review: Akvinta Vodka

Every new vodka that comes out these days has a gimmick (how could it not?), and Akvinta’s — which hails from the sunny shores of Croatia, which the company says earns it the moniker of the Mediterranean’s first luxury vodka — is this: It’s triple distilled and filtered five times, five different ways: Through charcoal, marble, silver, gold, and platinum.


Sounds like a waste of precious metals to me, but hey, maybe the proof is in the bottle.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Akvinta is a pretty staid vodka. With a forceful medicinal character, this spirit, distilled from Italian wheat, doesn’t venture far from the beaten path. A touch of sweetness on the entry is present through to the finish, but it’s overpowered by the astringency of the vodka. Additional notes — some herbal character perhaps — are fleeting at best.

In any event, it sure doesn’t taste like platinum.

B- / $34 /

akvinta vodka

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  1. Heathersmist April 28, 2015 / 10:22 pm

    I like to sip my vodka. Yet. I agree, most definitely “alcohol” on the palate and astringent in the nose…overpowering any flavor other than a hint of sweetness as it burns down your throat. Too bad, really wanted to like it as much as the specialist seller sold it.

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