Review: Deschutes Brewery Hop Trip (2009)

The 2009 edition of Deschutes’ seasonal brew, Hop Trip, is a nice little pale ale. Really easy drinking, but with a good slug of bitter hops character. On first blush it’s strong, almost IPA style, but it quickly settles down into a more nuanced style, with a surprising bit of honey and citrus-like sweetness in the body. The finish is mild and refreshing, leaving you wanting more… and in a 22-ounce bottle, there’s plenty to be had.

By the way, the hop trip is a real thing where the beer makers actually visit farms to find fresh hops for use in the brew. Check out photos of the brewers’ annual excursion this year here.

A- / $5.50 per 22-oz. bottle /

hop trip deschutes

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