Review: 2007 Otis Kenyon “Matchless” Red Wine

Walla Walla, Washington’s Otis Kenyon offers this new creation, “Matchless,” a 70% merlot, 30% cabernet sauvignon blend inspired by an ancestor (James Kenyon) who burned a rival’s office to the ground.

He was a dentist, of course.

This wine — the singed edges on the label are meant to evoke the ancient arson — doesn’t so much evoke fire as it does easy drinking. Merlot’s got a bad rap, but here it has a bit of peppery kick to notch up its plummy core a bit. I wouldn’t have even guessed merlot was the primary component on the blend if I hadn’t cheated and looked it up first. Very soft and simple but with a hint of tobacco and chocolate, it’s a fine little table wine that comes at a perfectly affordable price.

B+ / $23 /

2007 otis kenyon red wine matchless

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