Review: Mijes Mezcal Joven

No other way to put it: Mijes’ (also known as Mixes on some bottles, see below) mezcal bottles are unmistakeably eye-catching, shaped vaguely like a drunken snail or perhaps a brain that’s been run over by a truck.

Inside, Mijes’ premium joven (a blend of new and old spirit, filtered back to clear) mezcal/mescal (100% agave, 80 proof, no worm in the bottle) is clean and lightly smoky, a classic expression of blanco style mezcal, with fresh agave character followed by sweet, barebecue-like smoke finish or lingering cigar notes.

A very warming mezcal, this spirit is extremely smooth, though one can’t help but wonder: If the blanco version is this good, how must the aged versions taste?

A- / $57 / no website


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