Review: Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade

Another entry into the growing market segment of ready-made cocktails, Smirnoff’s Tuscan Lemonade is a definite winner.

This isn’t syrupy corn-syrup sludge and requires no doctoring out of the bottle. It’s Smirnoff vodka, limoncello, and lemon juice (and probably a smattering of other, unspecified natural flavors), and a touch of artifical color.

The result: Far better than I could have imagined, a crisp and tart drink that tastes strongly of lemons and has a light touch of limoncello’s signature bitterness. While it’s nothing I’d describe as complex, it’s very refreshing served over ice, it’s incredibly, at a mere 30 proof, surprisingly drinkable, and, last but not least, ridiculously affordable, too.

A- / $13 /


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15 Responses to Review: Smirnoff Tuscan Lemonade

  1. This is the BEST drink I have eve tasted – premixed or not. I quit drinking several years ago but this has changed my mind. What a delightful spriit–refreshing, crisp, everything you could want in a drink.

  2. This is the BEST drink I have ever tasted – premixed or not. I quit drinking several years ago but this has changed my mind. What a delightful spirit–refreshing, crisp, everything you could want in a drink.

  3. m. cromwell

    I love the smooth taste of Tuscan Lemonade….Since I have been drinking Lemon Drop Martinis, I have fallen in love with the whole lemon drink idea…..Now I can enjoy my martinis without have to make a mess mixing up the ingredients…Just add a slice of lemon to the glass……

  4. I have to totally agree. Had it at a friend’s house, and she had put it in the freezer for as long as it took to get slushy (several hours? overnight?). No extra ice needed this way to water it down! And I’ll tell you, I’m hooked – this drink is maaaarrrrrvvvvveelllllllous!

  5. Found out she just keeps it in the freezer all the time!

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  7. superstarrrr4ever

    does anyone else know any mixed drink ideas for the smirnoff tuscan lemonade ??

  8. superstarrrr, try mixing the Tuscan Lemonade with two parts fozen Tuscan Lemonade (add) slushy lemonade to 1 part club soda and a splash of cranberry juice for a refreshing Pink Lemonade MMMMM delish

  9. ….or mix with a dash of decaf green tea !!! uuummmmm

  10. 1 part Tuscan Lemonade
    1 part Jerimiah Weed Sweet Tea Vodka

  11. Half Tuscan half cranberry juice.

  12. Mix 3/4 iced tea and 1/4 Tuscan Lemonade over ice….delicious “Arnold Palmer” iced tea with a twist ;-)

  13. Try a 50/50 mix with Parrot Bay Key Lime Rum on the rocks; marvelous!

  14. mix it with welch’s grape lemonade, strong as you like, soooo good!

  15. I started looking for posts about this drink because hey,it’s Friday & I’m having it as a pre-dinner drink & may I say this stuff is STRONG!! So this is one premade cocktail that I would buy again. I definitely can’t have two wineglasses full of these or I’d be on the floor,but it is DELICIOUS!!! I’m a lightweight I guess,but 2 & I’m DONE>

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