Review: Brora 25 Year Old (2008) Single Malt Scotch

A coastal Highlands single malt, this limited release (about 3,000 bottles produced) whisky is initially a little off-putting, but some time with it opens things up and reveals more of its charms.

Cutting through a cloud of smoke is your first challenge, and you’ll find a honey and lemon-orange body underneath. The smoke lingers, especially if you add water, which gives the Scotch a longer but sweeter finish.

At 112.6 proof the water’s a necessity. Brora 25 Year is too hot to handle for long without a splash. Brora calls this malt “waxy,” and that’s an apt description of the way it coats your mouth, never giving up its resinous texture.

This is Brora’s first 25-year Scotch, having come off a run of 30-year bottlings. Personally I’d like to see what the end-product would have tasted like with another five years in wood.

Expect a challenge in tracking this one down, by the way.

B+ / $300 /


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