Review: 2006 Palin Syrah

Booze humor is big at Drinkhacker HQ, which is the only reason why a bottle of Palin Syrah was purchased today. Sarah Palin… Palin Syrah… get it?

Well, some comedy is better if you’re drunk, I guess.

Palin is an organically-grown wine from Limari Valley, Chile. As quaffs go, it’s dusty and tight, and tastes very “young.” The fruit is subdued under a leathery, charcoal-ish core, possibly because Chile isn’t exactly known for Syrah. It actually tastes a lot more like the Cabernet that the region is more known for.

Still, if you’re looking for a fun gift to take to an RNC party this week, just glue a quickly-printed web photo of your favorite VP candidate over the drawing of a ball on the label and call it 13 bucks well-invested.

C / $13

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3 Responses to Review: 2006 Palin Syrah

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  2. How can one find a bottle for sale somewhere? I’m in L.A. and cannot locate a store of warehouse with one in stock. I’d prefer to buy locally, but am willing to order from another area if need be. Any leads? Thanks.

  3. I can’t find it anywhere online — guess it’s selling better than they said it was! I call shenanigans on that “not a hit” report!

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