Winebloggin’ Episode V… Last Until 2009

Finally, the grandest of the grand sagas of my home wine experience. It’s now in the barrel, where it will sit for 5-6 months until we can drink it. Stay tuned! Read the epic story at!

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2 Responses to Winebloggin’ Episode V… Last Until 2009

  1. Just read it. Can’t wait to hear what the actual product is like. Hope it turns out well, though only 5-6 months of aging isn’t all that much at least compared to most modern techniques… Of course when it’s your own wine waiting that long might be hard. You could always do an article where you taste about halfway through like the negociants in Bordeaux.. Just an idea.

  2. One of the things about such a small barrel is that the wine has more contact with wood, so it ages more quickly… so while 5 months isn’t long, it may be long enough. And yes, I’ll be tasting every month so I won’t bottle until I think it’s “ready”

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