Review: Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur

Honey- and whiskey-based liqueuers are nothing new. Drambuie, of course, is the classic by which others are measured. There’s also another honey+Scotch spirit called Lochan Ora, and one from Macallan called Amber (which is actually flavored with maple syrup instead of honey).

American Honey is the first American version of this spirit that I’ve seen: A blend of Wild Turkey whiskey and real honey to give you, well, honey-flavored whiskey.

At 71 proof, you get an idea going in how much honey is in the blend, and overall I think it’s a success. The honey isn’t overpowering but you can still get a good taste of it, and it’s not too viscous and sweet, a common complaint with Drambuie.

Mind you, it’s still a honey-sweet experience, though the nose doesn’t really suggest such. There are some flowery herbs (lavender?) in the finish, but it’s a real hunt to find them. I could see all manner of dessert drinks coming out of this spirit, but it was just fine consumed straight… just leave a good gap between your dram and dinner. It really blows out the palate if you’re planning on having something savory later on.

B+ / $22 /

wild turkey american honey Review: Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur

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65 Responses to Review: Wild Turkey American Honey Liqueur

  1. I mixed American Honey with pepsi and it tasted vial (Horrible) trust me dudes, do not mix American honey with coke or pepsi, it spoils the flavour of the honey.

  2. Amber stated that she had drank 6 shots of American honey in one sit in, which in my opinion is considered excessive (binge drinking) and even more dangerous in females, due to their lower body weights and smaller livers. My point is, stick to the recommended guidelines and enjoy in moderation Amber.

  3. I ‘m just wandering if anybody out there has drank an entire bottle of American honey in one sit in, or close to it, like I have. How many drinks can you consume in one sit in, with out getting totally plastered?. Amber 6 shots in one night is a great start, how ever my girl friend can polish off almost half a bottle of American honey in one sit in with out being hang over the next morning.

  4. American honey is an awesome drink without adding coke or pepsi.

  5. Serve on the rocks and you have mighty fine drink. If you must, add a splash of coke. (Pepsi, if there’s no coke left.) This is one to suit the ladies and gentleman. I’ve finished a whole bottle with one sit in, little-to-no hangover. Finally, a high percentage of alcohol drink that actually taste great!

    LITTLE BIT OF VERMOUTH(extra dry!!!!!!!!!!!!1ONE1!);




  7. I consumed the entire bottle of American honey last night in one sit in and woke up this morning feeling terrific with little hang over effect. Although my liver doesn’t appreciate the poison,how ever I fixed that problem with Liver cleanse and a shot of vitamin B and now I’m off to work this morning as usual with out having to take the day off work due to those dreaded morning hang overs. In case your wondering by the way…in Australia Sydney, I pay $44.00 Aussie dollars for a bottle of Wild Turkey American Honey Soooooooo Expensive compared to what Americans pay for theirs that’s for sure.

  8. It seems Seagrams has their own honey liqueur now based off of 7. I am not a fan. It’s straight swill. Stick with this, Evan Williams Honey Reserve, or Drambuie.

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  10. try the wild turkey american honey do it as a shot with red bull we call it honey bombs it is awesome


    So sad Amber is no longer available.

  12. Traditional Turkey

    I’m a traditional turkey lover and the only way I could make this american honey drinkable was as follows:

    Quarter cup of American Honey
    Quarter water
    Whole Lemon
    6 mint leafs
    Ice to fill

    If you can improve this, let me know, I still have half a bottle of this sweet crap.

  13. Gary Glasbluntsky has no idea what a real Manhattan is. Ignore his awful, awful suggestion.

    This stuff works fine on the rocks on its own or with equal parts actual bourbon mixed in.

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  15. Medievalknight29

    This stuff is amazing. I’m not too hardcore on hard liquor, but when I first seen these honey flavored whiskey’s coming about, as a mead drinker, I knew I had to try some. I have tried the Dewar’s Highlander Honey and the Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey. They weren’t bad by any means, but they weren’t great either, but I made do with them. However, I discovered Wild Turkey American Honey and I decided to give this a try. If you ask me, this is better, much better then the Dewar’s or the Jack Daniels honey. I spent a good week with the bottle and I’m down to the last few drops, I drank it at room temperature with a bit of water, not too much water either, just enough to calm it down a bit. It has a great sweet flavor, the honey doesn’t over power the bourbon, nor the bourbon overpower the honey, a nice balance and a very pleasant lingering aftertaste, like your mouth has been coated with honey after eating a small spoonful of it. This is where my search for the best honey flavored whiskey ends, I found my go to and I highly suggest if you haven’t tried this one yet to give it a try!

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