Review: New Amsterdam Gin

Even old New York was once New Amsterdam. However, New Amsterdam gin is made in good old Modesto, California (not Constantinople). It’s also a surprising twist on gin as you might know it now. Why they changed it, I can’t say. Maybe they like it better that way.

OK, enough tomfoolery. New Amsterdam has the juniper nose of Tanqueray, but one sip is something entirely different. Namely, the juniper is suppressed and the citrus, namely orange, is really pumped up. If it weren’t for the juniper undertone and the strong aroma of juniper, I’d have thought I was drinking an orange-infused vodka instead of gin.

That’s bad news for a Martini (unless you like yours with a twist instead of olives) but good news for fruit-oriented cocktails like the Casino. Most of New Amsterdam’s cocktail ideas are heavy on fruit like watermelon or guava. Sounds like the right idea to me.

If you’re looking for a gin for drinking straight (or nearly so in a Martini), look elsewhere. But for mixing into more exotic cocktails, New Amsterdam is a solid (and very affordable) choice.

B / $14 /

new amsterdam gin Review: New Amsterdam Gin

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67 Responses to Review: New Amsterdam Gin

  1. First taste reminded me of a bottle of store branded gin (Albertson’s or Sav-mart in the West). Very vanilla and citrus infused vodka flavor. Reading the bottle and discovering that it is made in Modesto, CA leaves one to believe that, yes, indeed it may be the $7.99 store brand that I still have in my bar – the taste is identical. Maybe tonight I should just dump both down the drain, or would that be polluting?

  2. WOW…….. New Amsterdam Gin. NO Juniper Great….
    1 ice cube, 3 oz New Amsterdam Gin, 1 teaspoon olive juice. Enjoy.

    Thought I was back in Holland

  3. On a hot summer night I had a taste for a Gin & Tonic, with a squeeze of lime, I haven’t had one for years. I found New Amsterdam at my local store here in Chicago so I thought I’d give it a try. I’m not an expert on Gin but it makes a pleasant drink.

  4. Makes a GREAT Gin and Tonic- period. The price and quality is a perfect match.

  5. Definitely agree that based on the price point there are few gins that can compete with what New Amsterdam has to offer. I think the orange and citrus notes make for a great gin and tonic (with only the slightest bit of lime). Also, the pleasing orange makes it a great gin for parties because although there is enough juniper to appeal to a gin drinker at a party, it’s not to “piney” as to be off-putting to the non gin connoisseur. Really a pleasing party gin for a good price.

  6. Try New Amsterdam in an “Orange Blossom”:

    1.5 oz New Amsterdam
    1.5 oz fresh squeezed orange juice
    .05 oz simple syrup (Cointreau if you are feeling fancy)

    Shake, strain, etc.

  7. Erskine Farquharson

    Did you people NOT taste this? It is absolutely the worst gin ever inflicted on man!!!

    What planet are you all from? Do you even drink alcohol???!!!

    This is not even gin, it is rot-gut vodka that tries to hide its foulness with heavy-handed creamsicle flavoring. AGGGGH!!!

  8. Patrick Alexander

    A good gin if you don’t like gin. On the other hand, if you don’t like gin… just buy something else.

    This is a pleasant-enough light, citrus-flavored alcohol and if it were sold as just a flavored vodka I’d say, “Well, it’s pretty good if you like that sort of thing, but not my kind of liquor.” But, no, it’s sold as “gin” and it isn’t gin, so I despise it. Between that and the silly “New Amsterdam” branding of a Modesto product, what could be a decent, respectable liquor is just 80-proof mendacity.

  9. Jerry Albers

    Sorry guys. I have tried it in a martini….and actually….i like it! Most Martini fans would not, but I thiught it was a nice twist. And…G&T was pretty good as well. Mind you, i will not drink it all the time, but it is a nice change…and I like the vanilla.

  10. I was out of vodka and found this in my cabinet, probably from some party in the past. I made it with vermouth and olive juice for a dirty martini. Although I always make them with vodka I have to say I enjoyed it very much! It was a nice change.

  11. awful. it’s not gin if there is no juniper. the vanilla is artificial. stay away. you’ve been warned.

  12. I like it!! It’s a great change from other gins, great semi-sweet orange vanilla flavor…
    I think the harsh comments are from people that are not open minded enough to experience good gin in a slightly different way…just because it does not taste like your favorite brand does not make it a bad gin!!


  13. Bob in Hyannis

    Absolutely irreversibly awful. My girlfriend and I (we have not spoken in years, and yet I still have the rotten taste of this bogus creamsicle shitbomb in my mouth) tried for almost two years to get through a hole bottle. I nearly sent it back to the manufacturer.

    All with Erskine on this. Dreadful. Not to be a purist on the juniper, but there is no juniper in this whatsoever.

    It’s as though a liquor conglomerate decided to woo naive children.

    Eau d’ Trix Cereal. Repulsive.

    No more.

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  15. In a word, disgusting. It has a syrupy faux vanilla taste, and I had to check the bottle many times to make sure it wasn’t infused vodka. The only people I can see who would enjoy this are a) people who have never had gin and b) sugar fiends.


    Cheap gin is cheap gin. YUK!!

  17. I love this gin. I drink a lot of G&T’s so I found this gin to be perfect because of its price point and for its more interesting citrus flavors.

    100ml New Amsterdam
    125ml Tonic
    A couple of drops of lemon juice. Shaken and poured over ice.

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