Review: Türi Vodka

Türi is Estonia’s only vodka exported to the U.S. For that, it’s got some novelty cred. But I’m not entirely sure it’s worth the $20 a bottle it costs… if you can find it at all.

Türi is another rye-based vodka, but it isn’t the flavor that immediately hits you: Türi is especially thick and syrupy, more so than any other vodka I’ve tried in recent months. A lemony fruitiness then attacks your palate. If there are secondary flavors in the vodka, I can’t find them. Once the lemon fades, that familiar rubbing alcohol overpowers the rest of the spirit.

At $20, Türi isn’t outrageously priced, nor is it bad by any means, but unless you’re homesick for the Old Country, I doubt you’ll find much of a thrill in this bottling.

B- / $20 /

turi vodka

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7 Responses to Review: Türi Vodka

  1. damn, is it vodka week on drinkhacker?

  2. this vodka is the smoothest i’ve had. in my oppinion its better than grey goose

  3. Why can I not find Turi in Southern California

  4. Mission Liquor in Pasadena has Turi. Mission Liquor probably has the largest selection of spirits in Southern California. Their sprits selection makes BevMo look like liquor store =)

  5. Drinkhacker, correct me if I’m wrong, isnt Ston Vodka also exported to the US? I discovered Ston Vodka after reading Anthony Dias Blue’s The Complete Book of Spirits. He gave Turi a 2 star while Ston recieved a 3 star on a 5-star system

  6. Ston is exported here, yes, however I’ve never seen it for sale in the flesh.

  7. And there is also The Tall Blond from Estonia

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