Review: BridgePort Brewing Co. India Pale Ale

Eh, looked interesting in the cooler, but this otherwise by-the-book, golden brown IPA has a little too much I and not enough P for my tastes. The hoppiness overpowers the brew (the company claims five types of hops are used), and while you can get that taste of lemon peel if you work for it, it’s an awful lot of work, more than I care to undertake when drinking a beer. It’s not a bad beer, but frankly, there’s better IPA out there.

B / $8 per six-pack /

bridgeport india pale

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  1. Jairaj October 17, 2007 / 2:12 pm

    Despite being from India I never did see any India Pale Ales there! I personally tasted my first Inda Pale Ale on the SLO pier in 1994. Although the Pale Ale was favored because it survived the journey from the UK to India in the “good” old days, since the advent of refrigeration, Indians in India prefer ice cold Pilsners and heady Lagers. Mild but crisp tasting beers that go down easy (and quick!) in the mind blowing humid and hot summers and but hold their own against mince meat masala cutlets. Try “Dansberg” with Indian food sometime. Available at most good Indian restaurant. Tip: Ask them to bring you the coldest bottle.

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